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Arbitration vs. Mediation

If negotiation and mediation have not fully resolved your dispute, then Binding Arbitration is an option to completely and finally bring your dispute to a fair and respectful resolution.

An arbitrator acts as “a private judge”.  Testimony is taken from both parties in the arbitration before a decision is made by the arbitrator.  That decision will result in an order being made and entered as an Order of the Court that has jurisdiction of the dispute in question.  Arbitration is the next step when mediation is unsuccessful. All we require is that the stakeholders voluntarily enter into negotiation, mediation or arbitration and give the process a fair shot.

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Is Arbitration Right For You?
When mediation and negotiation has failed and you do not know how to proceed, give Cherry Law Office a call to discuss your conflict and you will receive expert advice and professional service. Jim will take the time to speak with you about your conflict and help to resolve it to the best of his abilities.